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October 7th, 2011, (Cleveland), Bar Processing Corporation announces the acquisition of Bertin Steel Processing, Inc.
The facility has been renamed Bar Processing - Wickliffe.

Based in Wickliffe (Cleveland), Ohio. Similar to BPC, Bertin provides SBQ finishing services. This purchase strategically enhances Bar Processing Corporation's position as the Midwest's premier toll processor of SBQ bars. Primary services include straightening, cutting, turning, polishing, grinding and decoiling. The expanded product size range of 1/2"-11", along with the addition of rail services, allows us to provide unmatched service to our customers. Additionally, we offer surface and internal non-destructive testing of both bar lengths and formed parts.

Newton Falls (Cleveland), Ohio
4" - 7 1/2" Bar & Tube Inspection Services

During the first quarter of 2008, we developed and installed a large bar / tube testing line capable of testing for surface and internal defects on product 4" - 7.50" in diameter and from 12" - 40" in length.

Additionally, if needed, we can pre-straighten the material, mark defects, and cut product to lengths that will eliminate found defects. and from 12" - 40" in length.

Monroe, Michigan
Parts Nondestructive Testing Services

In 2007, to complement our long-products testing service, we have developed a group to perform eddy-current, ultrasonic and visual inspection of formed parts and shafts. These services are available with certified trained operators at all of our locations in the field.

Additionally, our Monroe, Michigan facility offers Magnetic Particle Inspection services.

Newton Falls (Cleveland), Ohio & Warren (Detroit), Michigan
Precision Shaft Lines

In 2003, we installed in our Cleveland (Newton Falls) area plant, two processing lines capable of cutting a long bar product into a precision shaft blank. These cells process material from 0.75" to 3" in diameter into shafts 8" to 60" in length. The lines can provide a ground surface to tolerances of +/- 0.004" with a double end chamfer and a length tolerance of +/- >0.031".

During 2007, we installed 2 similar cells in our Warren (Detroit), Michigan plant with similar capabilities for shafts that do not require a ground surface. This line will generally hold +/- 0.001" diametrical tolerance.

Bar Processing Corporation, with corporate headquarters in Flat Rock, Michigan remains committed to meeting the needs of our customers.

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